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Modular Factory in O Scale and a couple new things.

Well it's almost April another month has flown by, rainy and windy today but at least most of the snow is gone. This months blog looks at a large factory project to fill a need for a big industry and a opportunity to develop a modular wall system to create whatever type of complex you might desire.

The premise was simple curtain wall construction with interchangeable sections that give good variety of arrangement.

This style of wall has been around for sometime so we took about designing a frame with different inserts from plain brick to a few different door and vent styles. The kit was developed for Ross Oddi a long time friend and an excellent modeler to boot .He has recently changed to O scale as some of you will know. His HO layout was famous for large industries and a fabulous city scene. Starting over in a large scale gave opportunities for new scenes with even greater detail. However the O scale market doesn't have the variety of kits available that HO does a fact I was really surprised by.

Ross gave me a description and a few requests and this is what we came up with. all panels are interchangeable including the window which can be replace with 2 brick inserts and a piece of concrete frame if desired.

The kit has a base concrete section a middle frame for the inserts and a top section with more bricks. the modeler can choose to stack a couple sections tall for an even larger building.

You can see in our mock up the size of structure we were hoping to achieve and in the next picture an idea of the overall size of the structure. This is a big factory that is serviced by rail giving all sorts of commodities in and out. The factory will be a food production plant needing different types of cars to service it's needs.

Ross has ideas for other industries as well.

The kit will be on sale on line in the coming weeks giving you the choice of what type on wall sections you would like.

Other Projects that are just getting started include a 100 ton press a great flatcar load or a good addition to a machine shop.

look for this in the next few weeks it was manufactured in Hamilton and some are still in use today.

We have also been out doing some field measurements on a new project coming soon here's a sneak peek.

As you can tell we use cutting edge equipment to get our measurements which we verify with satellite images as well as plans. just incase our count is off. We think this building will be of interest to a good many people look for more next month.

That about catches you up on some of the things we are doing looking forward to the Mississauga Train show April 10th we have 2 new product launches at the show hope to see you there.

Dan and Steve

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