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Whats going on at Yelton Models this spring!

2 1/2 Story Brick House O scale built by Ross Oddi

The spring of 2022 has been very busy for the guys at Yelton Models. Dan and Steven attended two train shows. The first show was in Mississauga and the other show was in Woodstock, Ontario. We also attended an NMRA meet as well, where a clinic was being presented on our new 2 1/2 story house kit. Will talk more about this later. Dan & Steven are super happy with the way people like there product line. The guys had many compliments at every show they attended, from customers telling them how much there products are filling big gaps in the model train industry.

This spring has also been a very busy time with lots of new products coming out. From about the first of march the guys have brought out roughly 12 new models. Most of the new models are now posted on the website for sale. The guys are also working on a few more items to bring out before the summer, but you will have to wait and see what they are going to be.

One of the new models from Yelton this spring has been the very popular 2 1/2 story brick house. This model so far is being produced in HO & O scale. The HO house retails for $35 and the O Scale retails for $100. This new model comes it kit form,, which includes a one piece roof, two different styles of pillars for the front porch and porch railings, along with front and back steps. We are also talking about producing this in other scale, but you will have to wait and see what comes out first.

2 1/2 Story Brick House HO Scale built by Daniel Notley.

Dan & Steven have noticed the past few months that there line of speeders has taken off wild fire. They have now developed a new series coming out in June called,

Speeders & Track Sheds. This series will feature all their speeders, which is now up to 7 different styles and types. This includes trailers and personal carries. It also includes different manufactures of speeder companies. Yelton Models now carries speeders for the following railways, CNR, CPR, TH&B, & Missouri Pacific. To this point these speeders are available in HO & O scale, in O Scale, we will product in Proto 48. All we ask is when ordering please let us know in the comments to gauge wheels for Proto 48. Steven has been in contact with a few different people that own speeders and will be going out to measure these speeders this coming summer. In this same series we will be also featuring Track and speeder sheds. At this point Yelton Models has only produced a CPR speeder shed. The new Speeder shed for CPR is now available in HO scale for $15 and in O scale for $30

Another new project we have just finished up is our new General Railway Signal Co (GRS) dwarf signal. This signal is printed in resign and is designed to be lite with tri-colour LED lights. We also designed these signals with a backing cover that you can take off to change out the burned out LED or for just installing the LED. We also have drilled out a small hole in the centre of the dwarf to run your wires through. These signals come in a single headed dwarf or a double headed dwarf. Right now we are producing these dwarfs in HO & O scale, HO dwarfs retail is 5 single heads for $7 and 5 double heads $12.. O Scale, 3 single heads are $6 and 3 double heads are $9. You can find all these signals on the website.

TH&B Wood Caboose #58, in HO scale built by Ron Tuff

Another project we finished off this spring was our first piece of rolling stock. This was a big project for Yelton Models which required a lot of research and a day out in the cold and snow measuring the real thing. Here we have TH&B wood caboose #58, this is a full resin printed and one piece body. This new model comes in kit form and needs to be assembled by the modeller. The model comes with full instructions on assembly, paint and decals to use. This kit also features a full interior with proper coal stove from an original TH&B caboose which was measured for accuracy off the real stove. Steven has spent many hours along side his dad Ron researching the TH&B cabooses. The guys at Yelton are working on the next TH&B caboose that is coming out, so watch over the next few moths for the next new one to be released.

That is pretty much a wrap up for whats been happening at Yelton Models. You can order pretty much everything off the website. if you would like a catalogue of all our products, please send and email to, if you are having a problem with ordering off the website and need to talk to someone please call either Dan or Steven Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm est.

Thanks Dan & Steven

Yelton Models

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