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Winter Projects

Late February and the snow is still blowing we have a number of on going projects. Here are a couple I can share with you. The first of out TH&B cabooses ,cabeese you get the idea, is getting close to be print ready . I have done a few test prints and tried out some new resin combinations yielding encouraging results. We have started with #58 a wood end and side caboose with a couple variations depending on the era you model. There will be 2 cupola types available in the first run an 8 window and a 6 window style. Next we will be moving on to #59 working through the roster as we go. The wonderful thing about being a small batch manufacturer means we can make changes on the fly to keep new products coming.

The other projects are of a larger scale in the last couple months we have seen a demand for O scale details as well as some small building we are working on. The other project also in O scale are insulators for people who want to model electric sub stations we have 2 sizes available but others can be made as needs arise.

The last project to tell you about this month is an O scale curtain wall, a standard construction technique that has been around for years. A fast and easy way to build a large structure. The walls are modular design with different insets available to create your own unique structure. This will be available soon from Yelton models giving the modeler the chance to add a large structure or a much needed addition to an existing one here's a peek at what we are bringing out very soon.

That's it for this month stay warm by staying inside building your layout. Hopefully we are only complaining about rain in next months blog.

Happy building Dan

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